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Precision Hurricane Protection

Hurricane Shutter Installation & Repair in Gulfport-Biloxi Metro Area

If you're considering hurricane shutters, you are making the right move. As hurricanes increase in intensity and destruction in the years to come, hurricane shutters become even more necessary.

Why do you need hurricane shutters? They protect your windows from breaking. Without these shutters, hurricane winds can enter your home and destroy it from the inside out, even ripping off your roof. For this reason, hurricane shutters will save you money in the long term. They can even beautify your home.

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Why Choose Precision for Hurricane Shutters?

Only Precision combines unmatched service and intimate know-how. When you call Precision, we will provide you with a free consultation and estimate. We will go over the different available options and help you determine which one is best for your needs.

More Reasons:

1 - 100% Code-Compliant Hurricane Shutters

When you go through Precision, you can rest assured that your new hurricane shutters will meet Florida's strict building codes. We only install 100% code-compliant shutters.

2 - No Administrative Work

Many homeowners are unaware of the administrative work that goes into getting new hurricane shutters. At Precision, we get rid of this headache by contacting your local county building inspector for you.

3 - We offer Military & Senior Citizen Discounts

Please note that discounts cannot exceed $500. Thank you!

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Hurricane Protection & Shutter Options

1 - Bahama Hurricane Shutters

These shutters seamlessly combine style and practicality. Not only do they protect your home from hurricanes, they also provide shade during the hot summer months. At the same time, they add flair and charm to your home's design. Hurricane shutters are available in multiple colors, shapes, and sizes, allowing you to think big. With Precision, turn your dream into a reality!

2 - Colonial Hurricane Shutters

Just like Bahama shutters, colonial shutters are both practical and beautiful. Their Old South design and style add great curb appeal to any home. Unlike Bahama shutters, however, they do not provide your windows with shade. Instead, they are affixed to the side of your windows and can be easily shut in the event of a hurricane. If you are hesitating between Bahama and colonial shutters, let Precision help you out!

3 - Accordion Hurricane Shutters

Like Bahama and colonial shutters, accordion shutters are permanently attached to your home. As their name indicates, with their ridges and valleys they look like accordions. They have a locking device that keeps them securely closed during the event of a hurricane. Accordion hurricane shutters are durable and easy to use. Call Precision, and we'll go over your options with you.

Accordion Hurricane Shutters
Accordion Hurricane Shutters

4 - Rolling Shutters

These discrete shutters are permanently attached above your window. When not in use, they roll up into a narrow box. You can opt for manually operated shutters or ones that roll up and down with a push of a button. In addition to protecting your home from hurricanes, they can also ward off thieves.

Rolling Shutters
Rolling Shutters

5 - Storm Panel Hurricane Shutters

Of all the shutter systems, this is the most economical. Storm panel hurricane shutters are removable for easy storage. They come in a clear polycarbonate material or in galvanized steel. Let us help you decide what works best for your home!

Couple Figuring Out Finances
Couple Figuring Out Finances

6 - Fabric Shields

Fabric shields are an effective alternative to shutters. They are made of a coated, woven fabric. You may be surprised to learn that fabric can protect against storm debris. The coverings Precision offers always meet or exceed Florida's stringent building codes. Fabric shields are also UV resistant so that the Florida sun won’t wear them down, while still allowing light to enter your home. Call Precision today to see learn if fabric shields are right for you!

Couple Figuring Out Finances

7 - Hurricane Security Screens

The benefit of security screens is two-fold: storm protection and home security. They can be used on both windows and patios to discourage burglars and prevent flying storm debris to break your windows.

Not sure which type of hurricane protection system to go with? Call Precision today for a free consultation!

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